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Erdogan:State of Emergency May Continue09/29 06:22

   ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey's president hinted on Thursday that the 
three-month state of emergency declared following the failed July 15 coup could 
be extended to over a year.

   Addressing a group of local administrators in Ankara, President Recep Tayyip 
Erdogan dismissed criticism over plans for Turkey to prolong the state of 
emergency, saying no one should determine a "calendar or roadmap" for Turkey.

   "Wait, be patient. Even 12 months might not be enough," Erdogan said.

   His comments came a day after the national security council recommended that 
the state of emergency --- which was instituted on July 20 --- should be 
extended for another three months.

   The security council, made up by political and military leaders and chaired 
by Erdogan, said Wednesday an extension is needed in order "to take measures to 
protect the rights and freedoms of citizens."

   The government accuses U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen of 
masterminding the coup. The state of emergency has allowed the government to 
pass legislation through decrees, facilitating a massive crackdown on his 

   Turkey has arrested some 32,000 people in connection to the coup. Tens of 
thousands of people have been dismissed or suspended from government jobs 
including the police, military and judiciary.

   Erdogan revealed in his Thursday speech that the military council has also 
recommended July 15 be declared a national holiday in honor of those people 
killed while resisting the coup attempt.


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