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Italy Arresting 18 Terror Suspects     04/24 06:22

   MILAN (AP) -- Italian police said Friday they were making arrests of 18 
suspected Islamic extremists, including two purported bodyguards for Osama bin 
Laden, who allegedly staged attacks in Pakistan and sought to topple the 
Pakistani government.

   Anti-terrorism police in Sardinia said some of the suspects were responsible 
for "numerous bloody acts of terrorism in Pakistan," including the October 2009 
explosion in a market in Peshawar in which more than 100 people died. Telephone 
wiretaps indicated that two of the suspects were part of a network of people 
who protected bin Laden in Pakistan, a police statement said.

   Police said the aim of the terror network was to create an insurrection 
against the Pakistani government.

   Pasquale Errico, the police chief in the city of Sassari, said the warrants 
were being executed throughout Italy. The suspects were being sought also for 
financing terrorist movements in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

   Sardinian daily L'Unione Sarda reported that one of the suspects ran a 
construction business in Olbia.

   "There is the hypothesis that he was recruiting immigrants who arrived here 
by airplane with false documents and involved them in illegal activities," the 
paper's editor Anthony Muroni told Sky TG24.


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