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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               07/25 09:40

KANSAS   2,900   164-165       .              164-165        260.00
NEBRASKA   .    *163-165(BID) *257-262(BID)  *163-165(BID)  *257-262(BID)
TEXAS      .    *163.00(BID)   .             *163.00(BID)    .
COLORADO   .    *165.00(BID)   .             *165.00(BID)    .
IOWA       .     .            *256.50-257(BID).           *256.5-257(BID)
                         *=PRIVATE SOURCES

DTN COMMENTS:  Short bought cattle buyers continue to look for inventory 
this morning, clearly willing to bid yesterday's full advance and then some. 
We understand that a good number of cattle sold yesterday in the North will 
be shipped either today or early next week. Trade volume totals in the North 
could be suggesting that business is about done for the week, but the South 
still has trading to do. Southern sales of 165.00 are $2.00-3.00 above 
yesterday and $10.00 greater than last week. Asking prices appear to be 
around 155.00 plus on a live basis and 265.00 plus dressed. 

Beef cutouts are expected to be higher with light to moderate box movement. 
Cattle futures are solidly higher in the early rounds, supported by cash 
strength and follow through buying. Remember that the July 1 on feed report 
as well as the mid-year inventory will be released this afternoon at 2:00 

NOTE:  Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at
1-800-369-7675, 1-402-399-6402, or 1-402-462-8897. All sales will be listed 
anonymously and organized by state.  General trends and summaries from this 
data will be posted on the Daily Sales Reported to DTN page. 

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