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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               04/27 11:50 


KANSAS   3,000     $135-138                     $135-138           
NEBRASKA 2,500     $136(W)       $215-219       $136(W)        $215-219     
TEXAS    3,500     $136-137                     $136-137           
IOWA                             *$215(BID                     *$215(BID) 
COLORADO           *$136(BID                    *$136(BID)          

                                *=PRIVATE SOURCES

DTN COMMENTS: The cash trade is generally moderate as we move toward midday with
producers responding to stronger packer bids. Live business in the South (i.e., 
ranging from $135 to 138) is generally $4-7 higher than last week. Dressed biz 
in Nebraska has been reported between $215-219, roughly $6-11 higher than last 
week's weighted average. Some asking prices are now jacked as high as $137-138 
in the South and $220/$137-138 in the North.  Significant trade volume could be 
delayed until Friday.  
     Beef cut-outs at midday are higher, up .12 (choice: $219.30) to $1.30 
(select: $207.02) with light to moderate box movement (ch: 25 lds; sel: 16 lds; 
trimmings, 20 lds; ground beef: 9 lds).  Cattle futures got off to a slow start,
but are now storming higher with another bumper crop of triple digit gains and 
new contracts.  It would appear that the board expects to see another aggressive
round of packer spending in the country when everything is said and done. 

Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at 1-800-369-7675, 1-
402-399-6402, or 1-402-462-8897. All sales will be listed anonymously and 
organized by state.  General trends and summaries from this data will also be 
posted on the Daily Sales Reported to DTN page.

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